How to Install Bathroom Floor Tile

How to Install Bathroom Floor Tile

Having an outdated bathroom? Feeling the need to install tiles in your bathroom? Well, if the answer yes, you are in the right place. We will be able to get you through steps that will help you in installing the tiles.

Tiles help in bringing instant beauty to your bathroom. Putting up the tiles on your floor is not expensive at all. Therefore you should not worry about spending extra money to upgrade your bathroom.

The following are detailed steps that will make work easier for you.

How to Install Bathroom Floor Tile


Step 1:  Measure the floor

Measurement is mainly done for planning and logistic purposes. It will help you to buy the exact number of tiles, mortar, grout and backing board. This ensures that when you start installing there is no tiles mismatch. Make sure to use the best tape measure in order to achieve the right result.


Step 2:  Prepare underlayment

This can be done by using a circular saw. You should cut the panels to fit the measurement of your bathroom. You can use the jigsaw to cut the holes. Make sure that the holes can be able to accommodate the toilet and the bathroom equipment.

An attached underlayment will be able to provide a level surface that will make the bathroom tiles to be easily attached. Make sure to put in mind the use of correct measurement.

Step 3:  Attach the underlayment

You can do this by using a drill. Drive the screws in to fix the backer board on the subfloor. Make sure that it is flat on the surface. This will help you in placing the tiles in the right way.

Step 4:  Determine the tile layout

Make sure you start by laying the edge tiles. The rest should be placed in the right way you will be comfortable with to make sure they fit perfectly. You can use spacers to make your tiles squared and evenly spaced. Ensure that the tiles are placed in their best position.

After you have determined the layout. Make sure to cut the tiles that will be able to cover the whole area. The layout provides a basis for your tiles.

tile floor

Step 5:  Cut the tiles

You can use a tile saw to achieve this. Make sure to cut the tile that will be enough to fill up the services. It is recommended to use the measurement you made.

Step 6:  Place the cut tiles

Place the tiles and ensure that they are evenly spaced. Make sure that they meet your desired look before you can apply thin-set mortar.


Step 7:  Apply Thinset mortar

You can use a notched trowel to achieve this. Ensure that it is distributed on the floor in small sections as you replace the tiles.

Step 8:  Allow the mortar to dry

You can leave the mortar for a period of 24 hrs for it to dry before you can continue.

Step 9:  Apply Grout

You can do this only after your motor has dried. Then you can remove the spacers, mix the grout and ensure that all the spaces between the tiles are filled.


Step 10:  Wipe away the excess grout

After you have applied the grout, you can use a sponge to clear the excess one. This is to ensure that your tiles remain clean, level and smooth.


Step 11:  Apply Grout Sealer

You can apply the grout sealer now. This will help in reducing stain and protect the grout.

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