How To Properly Water The Foundation Of Your Home

How To Properly Water The Foundation Of Your Home

Keep It Watered

What stays out of our sight, stays out of our mind. This saying is perfectly applicable when it comes to the foundation of our homes. After all, it stays hidden underneath our houses. But if you are a responsible homeowner, taking care of your home’s foundation is as important as any other home improvement regime. 

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Why does your foundation need watering?
While watering of the foundation needs to be practiced by everyone, it is especially important for people residing in dry areas with clay soils, as in the Northern and Eastern parts of Texas. A unique thing about clay soil is that it expands when it is wet and contracts when it dries out. When the soil contracts, it provides less surface area for the house to rest on, causing the foundation to sink. If the soil contracts unevenly, the stability of the foundation is lost and it may crack, burdening you with a very costly repair. 

Then, when the soil becomes moist and expands again, it may worsen the cracks. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain a proper and constant moisture level around the soil of your house throughout the year. 

When to do it?
Foundation watering is mainly done during extremely hot and dry weather, but it can also be done in winters. The main goal is to achieve a constant moisture level without making the soil mushy, so in order to achieve that, you must water your foundation as frequently as required.

How to know when your foundation need watering?
To make sure if your house will benefit from foundation watering, make a hole about 2-feet deep near the foundation of your house. Pick up a handful of dirt from the bottom of the hole and try to form a ball in your hands. If the dirt retains its shape, then probably, the moisture level is appropriate. And if the ball falls apart, be sure it’s time for some watering. 

How to do it?
soaker hoseWatering the foundation of your home is absolutely an easy task. There are several methods you can adapt to do the same. The easiest is to plant a few leafy shrubs, and NOT TREES, around the perimeter of your foundation, and water them all year long. The next easiest way is to install soaker hoses along your foundation line and turning it on every day, or as required, for a fixed amount of time. 

Finally, you can always be a bit more industrious and spray down the area of your foundation every day, especially during the dry months.

Just keep in mind not to water too much because it will cause more harm than good. If your yard turns into a squishy puddle, know that you’ve watered too much and you may want to tone it down because it can cause the further sinking of your foundation and may form cracks.

Tips to water your foundation properly

  1. Don’t lay your soaker hose directly against the foundation. Maintain a perimeter of 18″ to 24″ from your foundation line.
  2. Ensure that there is proper drainage m and don’t let extra water pool around your house.
  3. Consider watering your foundation in the evening, so that there is less evaporation of water.

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