Trimming Your Palm Tree

Trimming Your Palm Tree

Tame The Palm

If you have a palm tree on your property and you are not quite sure how to properly maintain the health and appearance of your trees than this article is for you. Here is some expert advice on how to trim a palm tree. You may think the best option is to trim the palm regularly. That the trimming may help it grow faster. Well, that is not the case when it comes to palm trees. 

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They actually grow better when left alone. But there are some circumstances that may require you to give your tree a trim. Of course, if you find some dead or severely dying fronds on your tree than you are going to want to cut them off. They may become a fire hazard or could break off and cause damage to nearby properties or even your own.

Tools You Will Need
There are a few tools you will need to help with the trimming of your palm tree. A serrated knife will work perfectly fine if the frond isn’t very big. But for the larger ones, your going to want to use a pruning saw because a serrated knife just won’t cut it. Some fronds may even be too large to cut with a pruning saw. For these fronds, it is ok to use a chainsaw. You are just going to want to be extra careful not to damage the trunk of the palm tree. Also, a good thing to remember is that you are going to want to have clean cutting tools when trimming the palm tree. 

Safety Equipment You Will Need
You will find that some safety equipment is going to be required to make sure the job is done safely. You don’t want to cut your hands all up trimming, so a good pair of gloves is a very important item to have. Palm tree fronds can have some pretty big thorns on them. Another safety item required is a pair of safety glasses. When using a pruning saw or a chainsaw, pieces of the tree will break apart and you don’t want anything in your eyes. Palm trees can grow rather large so you are going to need a nice sturdy ladder so you can safely remove the dead parts of the tree without falling off. If your palm tree is the species that grow any kind of fruit, you are going to want to pick up all the rotting fruit that falls off of the tree because the rotting fruit could attract pests that may be harmful to the tree and will be just overall unpleasant to have around. Make sure to throw away the rotting fruit properly. So some heavy duty bags might be needed.


A must to remember is that palm trees grow the best when they are left alone. So the trimming of your palm should only be done about once a year. You don’t want to damage the tree. And over pruning will do exactly that. It may seem a bit overwhelming but with the right tools and safety tips, you can get your tree pruned rather easily. Just remember you need a ladder to reach the dead fronds. A thick pair of gloves to protect from the thorns. Safety glasses to protect your eyes. And the right sized trimming tool for the job that is required. Always be safe and you can have yourself a very beautiful and very healthy palm tree.

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